Lief Essentials Marula Oil Body Wash 250ml

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Lief Essentials Marula Oil Body Wash, the everyday cleanser with a creamy blend made with natural wild-grown Marula oil that lathers onto the skin to cleanse and help prevent dryness as it leaves your skin clean yet moisturized. It cleans very well and you can use it daily without drying your skin out.

The use of Marula oil body care infused products help in keeping the skin smooth and radiant. The benefits of marula oil body care is amazing leaving your skin soft, glowing and smooth like never before.

This innovative body wash contains a floral essence that not only leaves your skin hydrated, moisturized, smooth but also fragrant.

Marula oil body care is naturally made cold-pressed, highly nutritive and an aromatic body oil.  The best of marula oil body wash is that is contains organic marula oil that is fast absorbing and is suited to all skin types and tones. 

Paraben and Alcohol-Free.

Suitable for all skin types.

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