Freeze 24-7 Icesticks brr berry 4ml travel size

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For georgeous, sexy lips...full, glossy and bursting with moist color. IceSticks by Freeze 24/7 contains the same vasodilating technology as the original PlumpLips clear plumping gloss, but now in a fresh palette of cool shades that gives lips a sheer wash of color. This revolutionary, multi-functional lip treatment smoothes, plumps and colors the lips all without irritation. The moisture-rich formula delivers soft, butter lips in seconds with a derivative of the B-vitamin Niacon. Plump Lips is made of a non-irritating formula, and can be worn under lipstick or gloss. Its 100% safe and natural, and produces fast and long-lasting results. Helps to make mature lips appear more youthful and thin lips appear fuller and more sensual. The results from using Plump Lips 24/7 regularly are cumulative and increase each day.

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